Armor / Weapon Upgrade

process for upgrading Armor and Weapons is similar to the character upgrade process above, except it uses Parts to upgrade instead of Juice. If you have Parts in your account, click the LEVEL UP button for weapons or armor on the board to begin the leveling process.

On this page, find the item you would like to update and select it

On this page, you can view the current STAT and CARD items and you can click the LEVEL button (and view the cost of parts).

You will be asked to confirm the leveling process on the next page as long as you have enough Parts. NOTE: re is no going back in this update once you click this button.

Now that you have started the leveling process, you will be presented with 3 randomly selected upgrade options for your team to update stats or cards. se have been blocked from the update process, so restarting the process will not re-record what you received. You will have the opportunity to review your selection on the next page before finalizing your selection and may return if necessary.

If you choose a STAT update, you will be taken to the final review page where you will see the changes to your character’s statistics and you will be asked to confirm these changes as they will be permanent once you press Finish.

Otherwise, if you choose a CARD upgrade, you will first be prompted to choose which card to exchange it with from the 10 currently assigned to your character before going to the review page.

Once you are satisfied with your selection of update, click the checkbox at the bottom to confirm that you have read the review and then click finish in the upper right to make this update permanent.

Neon District Guide: What’s Next?

You are at the forefront of the Neon District experience now! most important part of the game experience will come during the next ten weeks: player vs. player combat. With combat, you can lead your characters into battle against your friends, enemies, and other players from around the world to compete for the top of the leaderboard.

Until this is live, there are a few important things you can do right now with your characters and gear, and it comes down to the nature of actual ownership of blockchain assets – trading.

Transfer your tokens to Ethereum to Matic

You can bring your tokens from your custody account on the Matic sidechain to the main Ethereum network, where you can sell your characters on OpenSea, trade them with others, or simply keep your most valuable Neon district assets in your own Ethereum wallet.

Token transfer to Ethereum is a multi-step process. First, you have to choose the character you want to transfer.

You will be asked for a modal that makes sure you have all the prerequisites to transfer your tokens to Ethereum. Security is paramount when owning real tradable assets, which is why we only allow players to trade their assets if they have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled. In addition, you also have to sign a message with the wallet you want to transfer to, to make sure that you are sending a token to the address where you really want to receive your tokens in Ethereum.

Once everything is set up, you can start the token transfer. Behind the scenes, your escrow account signs two transactions and sends them to Matic’s main network. first is the token approval transaction and the second is the actual deposit call to the Transfer Gateway contract.

Once that happens, you will be prompted to send your token release from the Ethereum mainnet transfer gateway, which will send the token to your Ethereum wallet.

Once that’s confirmed, your token will be officially in your Ethereum wallet, and you can take it to OpenSea or trade it with others!

Transfer your tokens to Matic from Ethereum

Transferring your tokens back to your Escrow Matic account from Ethereum requires all the same actions, with one big difference: this time, because you own the tokens, you have to manually sign the approval and deposit transactions in Ethereum. se will show up as two separate transactions that you need to send to the Ethereum network.

Once your token is on the Ethereum transfer gateway, the final step is behind the scenes. Your escrow account will sign your token release transaction and send your token back to your escrow Matic wallet.

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