ArenaSwap Game (ARENA) Token. Guide and how to buy.

In this article we are going to talk about ArenaSwap, a new NFT game and its Token (ARENA) that is based on the Binance network. Today at we are going to give you the information in Spanish about this project and we will also explain how to buy ARENA Token.

Here is the link to the game page

Summary ArenaSwap (ARENA) Token.

ArenaSwap is a decentralized exchange platform built on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) that focuses on the gamification of performance agriculture and gaming.

Our vision is to make DeFi and Yield Farming mainstream through gamification and Storytelling, creating an ecosystem that supports the value of our token and NFT. We implement powerful deflationary mechanisms to safeguard the value of the token.

  • Gamified: Gaming and a collectible NFT game are developed as part of the ecosystem to achieve this.

Introduction to ArenaSwap (ARENA) Token:

Cryptocurrency investments are getting more exciting with DeFi, liquidity mining, yield farming, and NFT. We are a team that strives to make DeFi fun and engaging. Yield farming can be so much more than just financial returns, isn’t it possible to build something fun and fun around it?

Using storytelling, gamification, and the NFT ecosystem, we have created a DeFi and gaming mechanism while still maintaining the financial rewards of performance farming.

Also, most DeFi projects and their tokens do not have a robust recording mechanism.

As a result, financial returns decline over time and the ecosystem becomes unsustainable. To ensure the health of the token ecosystem, we want to create a strong deflationary mechanism.

It is a journey we hope to build with our community, to whom to provide financial returns in the form of tokens, and our NFT ecosystem.

Here are some important concepts that you will see in the project:

  • DeFi, Yield Farming and Liquidity Mining DeFi stands for ‘decentralized finance’, which refers to a range of innovative crypto or blockchain-based technologies to disrupt financial intermediaries.
  • It offers loans, savings and investments, among other things, through DeFi platforms. Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is one of the essential DeFi applications that require liquidity to make trading possible.
  • Liquidity mining is the process of obtaining tokens giving liquidity; users can deposit their tokens on the platform and, in return, get a share of the fees. When it comes to ditching agriculture, liquidity providers maximize returns by moving funds across different DeFi platforms.
  • PancakeSwap has replicated the success of UniSwap and SushiSwap on Binance Smart Chain. n, with the fork of PancakeSwap, emerging DeFi apps have improved governance and security, contributing to the continued growth of the NFT ecosystem.
  • As the name suggests, non-fungible tokens are unique tokens that cannot be exchanged with anything else. y are considered a form of ownership, for example, of a trading card, artwork or painting. Also included is a wide range of game items, as well as text, videos, and virtual land. Any form of digital assets can be bought and sold as NFT on the market.
  • Innovative NFT projects introduce some additional features that distinguish them from other NFTs. Hashmasks, for example, have a renaming token that allows users to change the name associated with the NFT.

What needs to be changed?

Yield agriculture and DeFi applications face new challenges as they expand in conventional ways. NFT market is also facing similar difficulties.

We have identified the following issues and developed plans to address them:

DeFi is no fun

  • Right now, cash mining and yield farming are nothing more than pure investments. re is nothing attractive there: it meets the financial performance expectations of liquidity providers, but nothing more. As such, many holders draw their liquidity once a certain amount of profit has been made.
  • Some DeFi applications have introduced gambling, such as lottery systems and game wheels, to make their projects more enjoyable, but the mindset of users is still primarily based on financial gain, as these games do not are funny.
  • se innovations have proven to be inadequate. On the other hand, casual games, which employ powerful gamification and storytelling, have been very well received by the mass market.
  • We believe that DeFi projects can become more attractive by integrating casual games.

Ultimately, this will provide a competitive advantage over other DeFi projects and result in a financial return.

Weak deflation mechanism

DeFi projects reward their performance farmers with tokens. However, many DeFi projects do not have a token burning mechanism, and they have an endless supply of tokens. Both of these factors contribute to long-term inflation and high-yield agriculture cannot be sustained.

While there are initiatives such as lotteries and NFT sales, these generally do not convince the token, the holders spend a lot because they are too disconnected from the rest of the project. re are even games that are licensed by third party companies and are not completely original.

It is difficult to see how this type of undifferentiated combustion mechanism can create a new token demand and decrease the total supply of tokens in the long run.

It’s time to redesign the recording mechanism to make it more attractive to token holders.

No value creation for NFT

Most DeFi projects sell NFT as part of their collectibles. One of the core values ​​of NFTs is scarcity, but this is not enough to guarantee long-term demand. re is not much substance to many NFTs, so they are low priced and they are not as popular on the secondary market.

Besides scarcity, there are many ways to increase the value of an NFT. Typical examples include game NFTs, which allow users to own items that enhance their gaming experience. However, many DeFi projects cannot create value for their NFT collectibles unless they have a sophisticated and attractive gameplay.

Our goal is to create an ecosystem that supports the values ​​of our NFTs, one that is organically built around the theme. In the game, NFTs unlock exclusive privileges and benefits for their owners. Additionally, NFT owners will be able to share in the project’s gambling proceeds. This will produce long-term value for our NFT owners and stimulate the secondary market.

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Arena is the central concept to achieve what we want to do. Arena is made up of two parts:

Gamified gambling and great gladiators

Great Gladiators are prominent figures in the same way as sports stars, with a unique character design and story. Users can bet on Major Gladiators battles and collect their Victory NFTs to share the prizes.

NFT and minor gladiator collectible set

Minor Gladiators come in NFT form and are the sole property of the players. Minor Gladiators have their DNA and can be equipped with NFT items such as weapons, armor, and magic accessories. Lesser gladiators can also participate in PvP battles with other players.

y can fight on multiple themed battlefields with various opponents in different fighting styles through challenge runs in the arena.

arena, the great gladiators and the gamified game gamification systems, such as the lottery and the wheel in DeFi projects, need to be redesigned to make them more attractive. Below you will find a description of our game:

Content-based gamification

We will introduce backstories and characters to our game system. On each side we put together a team of legendary gladiators.

Each gladiator has a unique character design, a backstory, and a relationship with others. gladiators and arena mission, as well as a distinctive combat style. se factors affect your chances of winning and creating variety in battles.

story of a gladiator also unfolds based on the results of the battle, so the narrative context grows along with the character and his battle history.

Great Gladiators and Arena Battle Gladiator battles are scheduled regularly and are available for wagering. Users can bet their tokens on a gladiator and make a contribution to the pot.

In a gladiator battle, there are three gladiators, one from the Red, Black and Green team. Red and Black Team – winner of the last match stays and a random opponent is selected from another team’s roster. green team is randomly selected from the list.

  • chances of winning for a major gladiator are between 20 and 85%. ● re is only a 4% chance that the gladiator on the green team will be seen. ● Gladiators’ chances of winning are determined by a number of factors, including their level, arcane unsurt, arena setting, and randomness.

A random number will be assigned to each gladiator in each battle. Gladiators can have alternate statuses (eg Berserks), and this will change their level and arcane unsurt if they get a certain fighter number. A very rare Victory NFT will be created if they win the battle.

Betting on the great gladiators

Only one of the gladiators will win. 90% of the fund goes to the people who bet on the winner and the gladiators are rewarded based on their contributions.

A lucky bettor who bets on the winning gladiator will receive a Victory NFT with a unique winning number (we will talk about Victory NFT in the next sections).

If the gladiator from the green team wins, which is highly unlikely, the jackpot is split between collaborators who bet on the green team.

  • 4% of the pot is burned ● 3% of the pot goes to the jackpot. ● 3% of the pot will be shared by the owners of the winning gladiator’s NFT.

List of important gladiators

Initially, the red and black teams will have 3-4 gladiators each, and the green team will have 2 or 3 (just for fun). Our cooperating game artists will bring the gladiators to life.

Growth of great gladiators

Gladiators start at levels 1-3 and gain experience points as they fight. As a gladiator gains experience points, he will level up. Level has a major effect on the outcome of a battle.

Retreat of the great gladiators

In the event that a gladiator wins ten times or loses three consecutive times, the NFT owners of Gladiator’s Opponent decide whether the gladiator will fold and be eliminated from the game. Retired gladiators are sent to Valhalla or Limbo, depending on whether they won or lost.

Both of these will stop the issuance of new Victory NFTs, effectively limiting the supply of NFTs. As a result, the circulating NFTs of retired gladiators may become more valuable. A new gladiator will replace each retired one through the initial gladiator bid.

In this way, we create substantial financial value for our NFT holders, while at the same time allowing the NFTs to serve as an excellent collectible of users’ favorite virtual gladiators.

Major Gladiator Victory NFT

All users who bet on the winning gladiator can enter a weighted random drawing for a chance to Win the Gladiator’s NFT victory. chance of receiving a reward is proportional to the contribution to the pot.

Each Victory NFT is assigned a unique victory serial number, which is associated with the winning record. Some Victory NFTs come with a unique card face as they have a special serial number. More rarely, some limited editions can be engraved and redeemed as a 3D printed figure.

Prize distribution among Victory NFT owners

  • New and existing Victory NFT owners of a winning gladiator share 3% of the pot.
  • IGO (Gladiator’s Starting Offering)
  • In addition to earning a Victory NFT by wagering in the Arena, users can also participate in the Initial Gladiator Offer (IGO) to gain access to the first batch of NFTs representing the Great Gladiators.
  • An IGO allows users to purchase NFTs from gladiator candidates at relatively low cost before they appear on the list. IGO NFT Major Gladiators owners enjoy the same privileges as Victory NFT owners, such as voting and sharing in Major Gladiators award winnings.
  • Once a certain number of gladiator nominee NFTs are sold, the OIG sale ends and the gladiator nominee will be added to the roster and you can begin to win prizes for your NFT. owners.
  • Also, a lucky user will receive a limited edition IGO NFT at the end of the IGO. A user who purchases an IGO NFT for a Major Gladiator will receive an IGO NFT with a unique serial number. At the end of the IGO sale, the IGO NFT with the specific serial number will become limited editions based on a random chain mechanism. As a limited edition IGO NFT, the limited edition is more rare and valuable than the standard IGO NFT.
  • price of an IGO NFT varies depending on the time of purchase; Advance purchases are more affordable, while later purchases are more expensive.

Community involvement

Professional wrestling or boxing, for example, where drama-filled stories are performed to build tension and fostering discussion around the battle, are examples of the kind of community and engagement that we will replicate. We are creating an Arena Gaming Universe (AGU) to build a community where players can talk about each battle, as well as discuss gladiator tales.

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sand news bot is an idea that we have extended from the price bot. To support the community discussed above, we want to create a bot and channel to automatically announce the latest updates on the results of each battle in the Arena, as well as any opened betting opportunities.

Community members can instantly tell if their supported gladiators are in a battle. This will improve user engagement and rigidity and ultimately contribute to a more active betting pool.

During the development of the Arena Gaming Universe (AGU), the Major Gladiators stories will serve as a foundation for the world environment. However, beyond betting on the Great Gladiator battles, know that our users ultimately want to create their own custom gladiators.

We will allow users to own their Minor Gladiator NFTs and game item NFTs in this section of the ecosystem. Minor gladiators are apprentices who have potential but are not becoming major gladiators (yet). While they cannot fight in the Arena of the Great Gladiators, there are other battlegrounds available to them and the players.

Your unique NFT gladiators and game item NFT

Uniqueness is one of NFT’s core values. Each minor Gladiator NFT has its own unique DNA and appearance. Some of the characteristics of DNA are rare and will create unique value for the NFT.

Lesser Gladiators’ skill points and the nature of their arcane and unsurtal powers can also be boosted by equipping different NFT game items. se factors will determine the chance of winning the battle, and as a result, the game will have a fun and unpredictable dynamic.

Loot boxes and NFT

Minor Gladiator NFTs and Game Item NFTs can be acquired by opening Loot Crates. re are several ways to obtain loot boxes, such as through our stores, drops from the enemy during battles or airdrop campaigns. Loot boxes can also be earned by betting chips. more a user bets, the more loot boxes he can unlock.

royal pyramid of minor gladiators

re are four types of players. Some players seek to compete with others. This is why we want to develop a battle system that can meet the bloodthirsty demands of such players.

Pyramid Royale is a PvP battle royale game cara in which players and their gladiators can compete for the throne in Pyramid Apex. winner wins a prize for simply being the last gladiator standing for 60 seconds, while other players constantly spawn new gladiators and challenge the winner.

Gladiators in this game only have basic armor and weapons. Weapons come in three types, with each one having an advantage over another. Gladiators can use one or two of these weapons or a shield to fight. But if your master wants to keep tokens, you can carry only one weapon and leave the other hand empty.

Once a gladiator stands for 60 seconds and becomes the winner, one of the guardians of the pyramids, like the boss at the end of a game level, will wake up. winner can then challenge the guardian of the Pyramid or try to escape.

gladiator’s chances are slim, but if he wins, he will win the jackpot and an NFT. event will be triggered by collecting all the NFTs from the tutors.

Minor gladiator’s gladiator’s odyssey

Alternatively, some players may want to discover the world of the game or get the game. achievements by completing missions.

We will design themed arenas, just like the Pokémon gyms. Player NFT gladiators will face off against NPCs in exotic settings and different fighting styles.

re will be several themes:

Arena challenges: monster hunting, tank battles, combat re-enactments, naval battles or maze escapes.

Tokens and NFT game items will be awarded to players for Gladiatorial Odyssey challenges and a grand jackpot will be awarded to those at the top of the leaderboard for each stage.


ArenaSwap (ARENA) Token Distribution:

It’s the tokenomy, stupid! We believe that the tokenomics vision is at the heart of any project, and as we said in the issues section, we have plans to deal with inflation in a DeFi ecosystem.

Digital gold and finite supply

Bitcoin’s value is driven by its limited supply caral. That is why it is called “digital gold”: it is the foundation of the financial system, it is predictable and stable. We will regulate our token supply in the same way, reducing the issuance rate according to the size and growth determined by our tokenomics from finite to decreasing supply.

In addition, we are building a long-term decreasing supply caral. Ultimately, our goal is to have an ecosystem where the burning of tokens exceeds the issuance of tokens, leading to deflation.

Due to this predictable deflation, even if we cap the emission rate to meet a policy decline in supply, yield farming will remain highly profitable as the token price will have strong support.

How do you do this?

To achieve this, we need to have very powerful deflationary and fiery mechanics. As discussed in the features sections, we will develop several robust use cases in our ecosystem.

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Each of them employs a unique combustion mechanism to decrease the total supply of tokens.

Token utility and recording mechanics overview:

  1. arena and the great gladiators ● Betting on gladiators ○ 3% ​​of the pot will be burned for each battle. ○ 25% of the jackpot will be burned ● Major Gladiator NFT starting bid ○ 85% of the fund raised will be burned 2. NFT collectible game and minor gladiators ● Pyramid Royale ○ 25% of the pot will be burned (for confirm)

Gladiator Odyssey ○ 80% of entry fee will be burned (to be confirmed) ● Buy loot boxes from Minor Gladiator NFT and NFT from in-game items ○ 85% of sales will be burned 3. Deposit rate ● Deposit fee per bet will be used to purchase ARENA later. ● 75% of the deposit fees will be used to buy back ARENA tokens and burn them. ● At the beginning of the ecosystem development, we will manually burn the transaction fee to stabilize the price in case of market dumping.

Arena Token Summary.

  • Ticker: ARENA ● Token address: 0x2A17Dc11a1828725cdB318E0036ACF12727d27a2 ● Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) ● Limited supply: 10,000,000 ● initial issuance rate will be 1 ARENA per block. ○ 90% will be issued as a reward to the agricultural ecosystem. ○ 10% will be sent to developers’ addresses for marketing purposes, payments, and to fund future partnerships and strategic developments. ● initial mint will be 500,000 ARENA to the management department to provide initial liquidity and for marketing purposes.


RoadMap ArenaSwap (ARENA) Token

Launch of Arenaswap

  • Exchange: AMM, Yield Farms and Participation Groups ● Harvest Guardian ● Referral Program

Apprentice stage (2-4 months)

  • MVP of the battle arena and betting pool for Major Gladiators ● MVP of Pyramid Royal for minor gladiators Gladiator Stage (4-6 months) ● MVP of Gladiatorial Odyssey for minor gladiators ● Victory NFT of Major Gladiators ● Sale of boxes of Loot for Minor Gladiator NFT and Game Item NFT ● IGO (Gladiator’s Starting Offering) and more older Gladiators (8-12)

Veteran Stage (6-12 months)

  • Many more new Major Gladiators (16-32) ● More new arenas in Gladiatorial Odyssey ● Bet to win loot boxes

Grandmaster stage (12-24 months)

  • More and more new Great Gladiators ● More and more new arenas in Gladiatorial Odyssey ● New features launched from the project community. * MVP – Minimum Viable Product, is a product with enough features to attract early adopters and validate a product idea early in the product development cycle

How to buy ArenaSwap (ARENA) Token?

Next, we are going to provide you with a simple tutorial so that you can easily buy ArenaSwap (ARENA) Token.

  • Well then I leave you a tutorial on how to buy it, you can buy it through Pancakeswap or, we will do it from pancakeswap and in case you don’t know, we need to have a portfolio either from trustwallet or metamask, in this case I I use metamask.
  • Here you have a tutorial on how to create a portfolio in metamask:

Tutorial create metamask account

  • Once we have our metamask portfolio created, what we have to do is copy our address as indicated with the arrow and put it with the Binance Smart Chain network.
  • To put it with the Binance SmartChain network we have to do the following:
  • Where it says “MAIN ETHERUM NETWORK” you give it and then you add “custom network” and you put the following:

Network name: Smart Chain New RPC URL: ChainID: 56 Symbol: BNB Block Explorer URL:

  • n you have to copy the Metamask address and have it on that network.


  • To buy ArenaSwap (ARENA) Token we are going to need BNB, which is the currency of binance, since this token works through its network. so the first thing will be to register here to enter binance and be able to buy BNB.

Next we have to go buy crypto and we have to select BNB to buy it, in this case I do it with Euros and with a debit or credit card.

  1. Once the bnb are bought, we go to our Binance wallet and we hit SPOT and we go down until we see BNB and we hit “Withdraw” or “Withdraw”.

  • n on the next page that will come out, we have to paste our metamask address and put the BSC network and we would already have the BNB in ​​our metamask portfolio.


  • first thing will be to go to pancake swap: Pancake
  • When reaching pancake swap we have to connect our metamask portfolio with the binance smart chain network and then put the ArenaSwap (ARENA) Token
  • at the bottom, although it should automatically exit, if not paste the following contract in the Token part: 0x2A17Dc11a1828725cdB318E0036ACF12727d27a2

In the following image I show you:

  • Once the token is added, we simply have to put the amount of bnb that we want to exchange for ArenaSwap (ARENA) Token and voila, it would be bought and in our metamask portfolio.

PRICE ArenaSwap (ARENA) Token LIVE.

price of the token can be seen in the following link: Price



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