Aqua vs. Bird Axie: Which one should you choose?

Choosing between Aqua and Bird Axie can be challenging. In this article we will see and compare the two types. What would you choose? Let’s find out!

Aqua axie

Aquatics have an advantage over Beast, Bug, and Mech axes. However, on the other hand, they are weak against reptiles, plants, and dark ones.

When looking at an Aqua Axie, you should study the following four parts of the body: the tail, the horn, the back, and the mouth.

You will notice that one of the common characteristics of some Aqua cards is their ability to apply an attack and speed bonuses to themselves. Using these skills can put you in the lead when it comes to who strikes first. Additionally, his Aqua could deal amplified damage to the targeted Axie. With this combo, you can defeat your opponent before their turn comes.

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When it comes to water tails, there are a few different types. You can have Koi, Nimo, Tadpole, Ranchu, Navaga, and Shrimp tails. Each variant will give you different card skills, some with high defense and attack. It would be better not to underestimate Nimo, as it costs 0 energy to use, gains energy, while still doing 30 damage. Clearly, this is a great card to draw in any round.

Shrimp card has the same ability as Bird’s Dark Swoop. If you have this card in your Axie, in addition to the other high attack cards, your Aqua can dominate PVP if played strategically.

Aqua Mouth types and abilities

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An Aqua can have Lam, Catfish, Risco, or Piranha in its mouth. All of these contain high attack and defense, and Catfish has the smallest attack points. But don’t underestimate the power of this catfish because it can heal your Aqua from damage it deals to the target Axie. It’s rare for an Aqua to have a heal card, so don’t think twice if your Axie has this catfish plus some high-attack cards. Choose that Aqua.

Aqua Horn types and abilities

Horns can have Babylonia, Teal Shell, Clamshell, Anemone, Oranda, and Shoal Star. Oranda and Shoal Star have the ability to finish Axie’s last position.

Aquatic back types and skills

Hermit hit and card give you tank-like power. This Axie is certainly difficult to defeat.

An Aqua Axie’s card skills will vary based on its characteristics. To help you compare, let’s look at the attributes of Bird Axies and what makes them so popular.

Bird axie

Birds have an advantage over Beast, Bug, Mech Axies. And on the other hand, they tend to have a disadvantage against reptiles, plants and the dark. high speed and morale of a Bird Axie make it a strong attacker. An attacker-Axie has at least two high damage cards with more than 100 points of damage. You can configure them with four high-damage cards or, for the strategic player, three high-damage cards combined with another ability like Dark Swoop, which allows them to attack the enemy faster.

Let’s see the parts that characterize your Bird Axie: the tail, the horn, the mouth and the back.

Birdtail types and abilities.

A bird can have the following type of tail: swallow, feather fan, last, cloud, grandmother’s fan and subsequent fight. Risky boom and full shot are incredibly high attacking skills. If your bird has these high attack cards plus a Dark Swoop, then you have the bird of all dreams.

Bird’s Mouth Types and Abilities

When it comes to the bird’s mouth, you can get one of the following: Double Talk, Peacemaker, Hungry Bird, and Little Owl. Double Talk applies the dream to Axie’s target, removing the opponent’s shield for subsequent attacks. Little Owl or Dark Swoop allows you to attack the enemy faster. If you have these cards in your Bird Axie combined with high attack cards, consider your bird a strong ally.

Horn types and Horn abilities

horns of birds include the eggshell, cuckoo, hornbill, kestrel, wing horn, and feather spear. Egg and Trump have the highest attack. Trump is possibly the strongest card here because he has a shield and one of the most damaging abilities. Feather Spear is also something to keep in mind; two combined will give you 100 shield points. If you have this card, your bird must be a strong attacker.

Skills and types of birds.

back of the bird can have Balloon, Cupid, Raven, Post Pigeon, King Fisher and Tri Feather. All of these cards are extremely strong, as most can apply designs to Axie’s target. A Balloon card will apply fear to the target for one turn. Because is good? Well, the dreaded Axies can’t attack.

Cupid applies negative morale to the enemy for two rounds. As a result, Axie’s target will be less likely to critically hit and fewer Last Stand turns. King Fisher is a powerful card. To easily defeat an HP Aquatic-class enemy, combine two King Fisher attacks along with two additional 100+ attack cards. If your opponent Aqua has a shield, you must still critically place it in PVP.

Choosing between Aqua and Bird Axie can be tricky. Both can be impressive attackers. It all comes down to Axie’s abilities and cards, so knowing the best card game will help you decide which one to choose.

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