Anon inu V2 Token New contract launch date

As you already know, Anon inu had several problems with its contract and that is why it has preferred to release a new token called Anon inu V2 and in this article we will give you its launch date and all the information.

!!!!! re is already a new contract, it is in the main post of anon inu token, now called AINU !!!

Here is it: ANON INU (AINU) Token

I’m going to put the information published by one of the Devs in the official Anon inu token telegram.

We are happy to announce that the contract has been fixed and we have added some new features. initial price will be made correctly with the same total offer of ONE quadrillion. In this way, we will have a more accurate market capitalization for V2. new feature we have implemented: re will be a SELL limit for 24 hours, so this time there will be no concern of whales selling coins. Tokenomics and buyback will continue to work the same way. We will implement the same burning technique as the last contract. As soon as we launch, it will initially burn 7%. n 7% will burn every 24 hours for 7 days. Ultimately 49% will be burned a week after launch. As you already know, we take snapshots of all the wallets and their token holdings. Since the initial price will be less, x1000 the value of all. We will use a smart contract to airdrop all of your coins prior to the fair launch. Finally, FairLaunch on July 22 at 20:00 UTC

New message from Anon inu Token Dev on telegram:

NEW Release Date: July 26 8:00 pm UTC We realized that a lot of forks ended up buying the dip, so we found a new way to calculate everyone’s holdings. We will reproduce all the transactions that were made on PancakeSwap for ANONINU.

Using that will tell us how much people have spent and how much they have earned from HODLing in terms of BNB.

  • People who ended up with profits will NOT receive an AIRDROP. • People who ended up with losses will get the same amount of coins that will be equal to their loss in terms of BNB.
  • In this way, everyone will end up with ZERO LOSSES and the people who made profits will be able to keep their profits. It was a very difficult decision for us, but we want all members of our ANON INU community to be satisfied. We will rise again.

Anon inu V2 release date:

On July 26 at 20.00 UTC which in Spain would be 10 PM.

As soon as the new contract is in, I will update the post on how to buy with the new contract. This is the post: Anon inu V2

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