Anon Inu V2 Token Is it Scam? Is it from Anonymous? New contract

Hi, in this article we will talk about the Token anon inu and its possible Scam, we have been attentive and in fact we have updated the token post several times and we think it is better to make a separate post and which we will update.

New Anon Inu V2 Contract

y are going to take out a new contract and they are going to give the same amount of tokens to the holders of the old contract, we can CONFIRM THAT IT IS NOT SCAM at the moment.

When the new contract is available we will update the purchase post with it, stay tuned and save this website in your bookmarks.

Information that the DEV has left in:

What happened to the token?

Like I said, the current token is pretty screwed up, the chart doesn’t look good, and we had initial issues with initial liquidity, LP fees, and initial investors were able to explode with minimal investments and be able to make large investments. time in ATH and high prices. It didn’t help that the contract didn’t exclude the marketing wallet we burned from fees

What’s the plan?

We will launch a new token, ANON INU v2. It will work exactly like ANON INU did, but with multiple fixes regarding LP and fees, and some minor improvements to the contract.

When will we be reimbursed? When to launch?

For now I do not have exact dates, but it could be this Wednesday or Friday. We are still working on the details.

Will I receive the same BNB that I invested initially?

I can’t guarantee that for now, but you will get BNB and be able to invest it in the new token. I am very confident that it will turn out very well, given all the strong support from the community.

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Am I on the whitelist? Should I keep hodl?

No, do not do it. You can go ahead and sell your ANONINU. We will also include some new investors through a contest.

Did Dev sell tokens?

No, not yet. I will sell development tokens later, maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after. I’ll announce it here, so be sure to sell your ANONINU before then.

Is it scam? It is safe?

It’s pretty obvious that I can take the easy route and just delete my account and steal those 200+ BNB from the development wallet. I won’t do this, I wouldn’t write this if I did. If you don’t believe me, you can go ahead and leave, but I assure you, you will regret it.

You’ve seen how big ANONINU pumped with minimal effort on my side, so imagine what we can achieve with such a large team.

chat will remain silent to avoid FUD and SPAM. All administrators have been removed from their privileges, except to be able to handle voice calls.

Is ANON INU an official Anonymous token?

We found out about the existence of the token by groups of, there were websites such as investing and cointelegraph published articles about anonymous claiming that they had removed their token, we investigated a little and the truth is that on their official Facebook they have a link to the website of the token, so the token should be theirs.

Huge Anon Inu Token DIP?

  • As you may have seen in the graph of the Token, you can see a huge drop in the token, this as reported by the Devs, has been due to a liquidity problem in the contract and a problem in the Token contract, it has not been because they have taken the money, since the wallet that has sold 168K has sent them to a dead wallet.

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  • When seeing this DIP it is normal that a token is thought to be Scam, the point is that the token was recovering little by little and today in the group of DEVs had gone, this is another total indication of SCAM, so we reported it in the main post of the Token.
  • A while ago the DEVs of anoninu token have created another group and want to compensate the holders of their token, therefore although everything has gotten out of hand, the devs are in principle showing their faces.

Personal opinion:

We would not buy anything at the moment as long as everything is not clarified, since although in the end it was not SCAM, with these doubts and this FUD to the token, I do not think it will go back to its ATH and if it does it perfect, but it is a risk So whoever wants to invest, do so with money they don’t need or are willing to lose.

We will update the post with the information that we have, if you have any additional information, leave it in the comments.


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