Animoca will launch the sale of NFT TOWER chests

Animoca Brands is planning an NFT sale around its recently launched TOWER token, adding another layer to the free play-to-win experimental program that includes its mobile games. Players can use these special NFTs in a future game or bet them to win TOWER. performances will be available this fall.

y will sell three chests: bronze, silver and gold. Collectors can only purchase these safes using TOWER tokens. Each chest is an ERC-20 token that can be opened or redeemed to reveal three NFTs. se NFTs are based on existing cards in the Crazy Defense Heroes mobile game, but are of no use in the game. se NFTs have a certain rarity, similar to the game’s star ratings.

se safes cannot be opened immediately. y will announce the opening date later. future Crazy Kings game may not work on the Ethereum blockchain. In that case, the NFTs will need to be converted. Animoca Brands also said that the betting mechanism will come into operation between July and September 2021.

What is the use case of these NFT TFTs?

  1. Players can use these NFT cards in an upcoming blockchain game, which will be a Crazy Kings game and therefore part of the TOWER ecosystem. (Developing)
  2. se NFTs generate passive income, as holders will be able to earn TOWER through participation. (Developing)
  3. And of course these are limited edition collections.

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One more day to win the TOWER

Players interested in winning TOWER currently have two options: Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes. In Crazy Kings you have to be among the best players. rewards here are huge, but so is the initial investment. However, in Crazy Defense Heroes anyone can reach the goal. Anyone who reaches 25,000 XP in a month will be able to claim TOWER. However, the token claim functionality is not yet active. Learn how to earn TOWER here.

Animoca Brands has already announced that the functionality of the token will not be seen in-game. Instead, players can link to their Ethereum account and wallets through the official websites. However, this feature is not yet active. However, account progress will be stored, so players can claim their rewards later.

A little more about TOWER

Animoca Brands is working to transform its free titles, which represent a considerable portion of its revenue, into games to play and win with blockchain. y do this by adding gameplay mechanics to win their games, starting with Crazy Defense Heroes and Crazy Kings. TOWER tab is essential for this new ecosystem.

TOWER is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that can be used in both Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes. This same token will also be used in a new and upcoming franchise game. Token holders will have voting and governance rights in the direction of the game. In addition, these tokens will be part of decentralized funding initiatives, including participation. However, details on this have yet to be revealed.

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Token owners can use their money to create new NFTs, which are ultimately in-game cards that can be traded between players. se letters have different powers, values ​​and rarities. Last but not least, there will be buy-in tournaments where players can also earn chips.


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