Amoung Kurai Metaverse (KURAI) Token. How to buy and play?

Today at we are going to talk about Amoun Kurai Metaverse (KURAI) Token, another NFT game that is based on the Binance network and that is close to reaching the Top 25 NFT games to earn money playing. In this article we will explain how to play the game and how to buy KURAI Token.

What is Kurai Metaverse, Amoung Kurai?

❇️ new boys game cara is live (Amoung Kurai) ❇️

It is a shooter game mixed with an American gameplay.

goal is simply to kill the other team, but there is a catch: be careful not to kill your teammate who is an impostor from the other side. And don’t die for the impostor on your team.

FRIENDLY FIRE is on, so be careful !!!

One last thing, this game cara is still in the testing phase, so please, if you have any problems, direct it to me for improvements.

sounds have yet to be implemented, I just didn’t have time

I hope you enjoy it!

Introduction to Amoung Kurai:

  • Connect with any smart contract and NFT
  • Interact with your favorite DAPPs and NFTs in an online game
  • Make use of your NFTs
  • Whether you have NFT in ETH, BSC, POLYGON …….
  • From Pancake Bunnies to Crypto Punks
  • And more…

Amoun Kurai Metaverse Chat and Integration

Kurai MetaVerse is an NFT / Play to Earn (p2e) online game main focus of this MetaVerse is to make it the go-to place for crypto / NFT enthusiasts. In the game there is chat integration that allows users to connect with each other.

Amoun Kurai Customization:

  • user can customize the character he owns.
  • Personalization can be owning a pet like a pancake bunny.
  • Change the LABEL color
  • Changing the color
  • and much more to come …

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Multi-chain technology:

  • Kurai MetaVerse can connect with any EVM chain. That means it connects with any smart contract and NFT.
  • With this technology this MetaVerse has infinite possibilities.
  • Your favorite performance farm can be integrated into KURAI and interact with it in the game while having fun with your friends.


Advances in cryptography or technical advances (including, but not limited to, the development of quantum computing), could present unknown risks to the KURAI token by becoming ineffective in the cryptographic consensus mechanism that underpins that blockchain protocol.

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