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Ecommerce giant Amazon is dipping its finger deeper into the cryptocurrency and blockchain worlds while running an announcement that it sought to hire a new executive to oversee its digital currency strategy.

position is for a “blockchain and digital currency product” that he “wants [s] to innovate on behalf of customers within Amazon’s financial and payment systems.”

company’s Experience and Payment Acceptance team is seeking an ‘experienced product leader’ to work on the development of Amazon’s Digital Currency and Blockchain strategy and product roadmap. y will need to work closely with Amazon teams to develop the roadmap “which includes customer experience, strategy and technical capabilities, as well as launch strategy.”

This person will also need to leverage their expertise in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, distributed ledger, and central bank digital currencies (CBDC) to ‘build the case for capabilities to be developed, guide the overall vision and strategy of the product, and gain leadership acquisition. and investment in new capabilities.

While a bachelor’s degree is a basic qualification, an MBA or equivalent experience is preferable. A minimum of ten years of experience in product or program management, product marketing, business development or technology is also required, as well as a deep understanding of the digital / cryptocurrency ecosystem and related technologies, among other qualifications.

Based on this post alone, it is unclear if Amazon is thinking or planning to launch its own digital currency, or what that would look like.

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In February this year, Amazon said it was ready to explore the world of “digital currencies” by launching what appeared to be a pilot project based in Mexico.

In a job posting for a software development manager, the company said it was looking to “[build] a technical team to create innovative payment products for customers in emerging markets” and that “they are looking for a leader to help us launch a new payment product starting with Mexico as the initial launch country “, a product that” would allow customers to convert their money [into] digital currency “.

At the time, the company did not mention blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies. reached out to Amazon for comment.


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