Akita inu coin (AKITA), How to buy and price.

In this article we are going to talk about Akita Inu coin the token (AKITA), we are going to talk about its price, its history, its project and also of course, how to buy it.

Akita inu coin (AKITA) is a token which since its inception has multiplied its price by a lot, it is a token that works through the ETH network and that has come out along with the rest of the dogs, after the great success of Dogecoin.

Official website information Akita inu (Akita):

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AKITA for the future.

For most of the life of AKITA communities, we have done what we could, with what we had.

Small humble beginnings are often the recipe for building the kind of character that is required for an entity to reach its full potential.

In just 4 months we began a community effort to develop a project that would allow AKITA to take the most efficient route to success, all while addressing the main concerns of the community.

We formed Polarfox Labs, a group initiative of early investors in the AKITA community. Polarfox Labs is investing in the AKITA community by building a decentralized exchange on Avalanche Network to help alleviate rising gas rates and transaction times. slow

Once Polarfox DEX is completed, work will begin on the AKITA network, a decentralized social media platform. With the following structure.

Introduction AKITA token, hereinafter referred to as AKITA, is an ERC-20 compliant smart contract designed for implementation on the Ethereum blockchain. AKITA is a fairly launched decentralized token intended to be used for interaction on the AKITA network. AKITA works in conjunction with a community governance token called gAKITA which is used to vote on movements in the community as a whole. Mainnet launch for AKITA occurred on February 1, 2021 Mainnet launch for gAKITA TBA1.1 Purpose of the AKITA / gAKITA token main purpose of the AKITA token is to be used during interactions between users on a decentralized and anonymous social media platform. Every time AKITA is used on the platform, it will burn into a relative portion of gAKITA that will be delivered to the recipient of positive interactions on the platform. For example, a downvoted post that receives 1000 upvotes, the owner would receive 0.01 gAKITA.gAKITA as a token has inherently more extrinsic value than the AKITA token due to the fact that evolving dynamics on the platform could increase the value of the influence that gAKITA offers on the direction of the network 1.2 AKIT Network Foundation foundation of the AKITA network will form an unincorporated non-profit association. AKITA contract and various affiliations such as social media platforms and the web space are being fully funded and developed by the AKITA foundation with the support of the community. AKITA foundation is dedicated to providing material through which anyone can understand the functions of our smart contracts. This step should build trust with the community to better design our project features. AKITA contract and the source code of the gAKITA contract will be made public on Github after gAKITA is released. A PAID AND PROFESSIONAL AUDIT WILL BE PERFORMED WITH THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF our platform v1.

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1.3 Motivation and principles Today’s world is experiencing significant changes in autonomy, privacy and access to information. reason Satoshi Nakamoto developed bitcoin was to offer a decentralized way of storing and transferring value. Decentralization is a FUNDAMENTAL and ESSENTIAL evolution of the human species and without it we would continue to be inefficient with our socioeconomic, monetary and political policies. It makes sense for social media to be fully decentralized as well. An important principle in platform design will focus on rewarding influential content creators with provided governance incentives.

Contract functionality AKITA and gAKITA contracts have several main functions which are described in detail in the following sections. Some of the important mathematical calculations and data structures are also presented here. Various example scenarios of user and multi-user activity and evolution of contract status are illustrated where appropriate 2.1 General Sifates contract defines the name as Akita Inu contract defines the name as AKITA government token (AKITA Circulating Supply = 45,000,000,000,000) * Vitalik’s token portion is considered burned * (gAKITA initial supply = 55,000 + (45,000,000,000,000 / 0.0000000001 per AKITA burned during use) Quadratic voting caral for governance.

cryptoshitcompra.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/akita-1.png ?alt =? ?class =? wp-image-168 ″ /> More nerd stats to come with the official release of the network whitepaper AKITA. and now for fun. Introducing DreamSwap Red: Ethereum

DreamSwap is a fun thing for the community, come provide liquidity with other memecoins you already have. If you do, you will earn $ DREAM.

($ DREAM) implemented on Ethereum Network.

token allocation is 33,600,000.

Genesis distribution is 1.5M 1 (500k for team * locked / awarded at launch *, 1M for community and ecosystem / airdrops)

Block rewards is 62,000, 10,000 per week automatically go to the treasury wallet, where they will remain locked until the community decides what to do with the funds.

Distribution per week: $ 52,000 DREAM

Liquidity Pool: Rewards $ 20,000 DREAM

Staking- LP Rewards 20,000 $ DREAM

Swap- Traders Rewards 10,000 $ DREAM

Team- $ 2,000 DREAM

Block Rewards Details: Reward Distribution of 52,000 DREAM Tokens per Week Liquidity Pool (Evenly Split Between Groups)

Vendors who bet on LP rewards (divided evenly between groups)

Swap Traders Rewards (based on volume activity)


One-sided AKITA staking paid from a 0.25% deposit in LP to create AKITA SAVINGS.AKITA SAVINGS – 0.25% of AKITA deposits in the protocol go back to the AKITA SAVINGS wallet, this is a betting opportunity of one side only. APY% will be relatively low compared to the LP provision, but better than staying in your wallet without earning anything.

Farm Yield – Once the user adds Liquidity, the user can stake / farm their LP tokens to receive $ DREAM rewards.

CHANGE AMM RATE to 0.295% instead of 0.3%

With the additional 0.05%, send this to a treasury wallet that requires multi-sig verification. Burn 0.25% DREAM on the transaction – 0.25% in the treasury wallet.

treasury will be sent to the arbitrage bot once a week to trade a hedging strategy.

Over time, the hedging robot will allow our treasury to grow safely.


Include the Chainlink pricing oracle for token pricing calls.

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first thing we have to do is enter Binance and buy USDT, so (CLICK HERE TO ENTER BINANCE ) if you are not registered, do it. n click to buy cryptocurrencies, we select the currency with which we want to buy the USDT and the amount and we give it to buy.

binance-1024 ? 662.png ?alt =? ?class =? wp-image-45 ″ />


second step is simple, we have to go to Hotbit to copy our address and be able to pass our USDT to this exchange, if you are not registered, DO IT HERE .

Once in Hotbit what we have to do is go to deposit.

Next we have to select the currency we want to deposit to buy AKITA INU (AKITA), in this case USDT and we have to select the TRC20 network so that the commissions do not eat us up, the cost is 1USDT, we copy the address as we see in the image and we go to Binance.


Well, once the address is copied, we go to Binance again and we have to go to our wallet and hit the Spot wallet, once inside, we go down to the page and we can see that all the cryptocurrencies come out, we go to UDST and we give “withdraw” or “Whitdraw” depending on the language in which we have binance, as we see in the following image.

Well once given to withdraw, we paste the Hotbit address and select the TRC20 network and we give it to continue. As seen in the following image.

Once the withdrawal is made, you have to wait a few minutes until they appear on Hotbit.

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Already with our USDT in Hotbit, we have to go to TRADE or EXCHANGE and look for AKITA to buy it, once it comes out we select it.

Well once with AKITA INU (AKITA) selected, we go to the bottom and put the amount of USDT that we want to spend to buy the AKITA INU (AKITA) and we give it to buy.

And then you would already have your AKITA INU (AKITA) in Hotbit.


Well to see the live price of AKITA INU COIN (AKITA) we can see it directly from Hotbit.


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