Aavegotchi Game (GHST) Token. What is it, how to buy and play

In this article we will explain how to play Aavegotchi Game (GHST) Token, a game on the Polygon Matic network and that today at cryptoshitcompra.com we are going to give you the information about the game, we will explain how to buy GHST Token and how to play Aavegotchi.

What is Aavegotchi?

Aavegotchi is a blockchain NFT game , based on Tamagotchi . Remember those little black and white gadgets where you used to play and feed your virtual pet? This is exactly what this project is about, but adding NFT to the mix. Aavegotchis are NFTs themselves that you can buy. Each Aavegotchi is unique and has individual sifates. rarer the characteristics of an Aavegotchi, the more rare and valuable it is.

characteristics of the Aavegotchis can be continuously improved during the course of the game. Depending on how much time and money you invest in your Aavegotchi, the rarer it will be. It’s about making different interactions with your Aavegotchi. You can pet him, put on new clothes, feed him or play minigames with your Aavegotchi.

Aavegotchis, of course, are not only valuable as collectibles. You can continually receive rewards in $ GHST with your Aavegotchi. so-called “rarity agricultural seasons” take place at regular intervals. In each round, you can receive rewards for the rarity, loyalty, and experience of your Aavegotchis.

Ranking lists are published for each of the categories and based on these ranking lists, the rewards for each Aavegotchi are determined. rewards come from the portals sold, clothing items and also from all Bazaar sales.

More unsurts and functionalities will be added in the future. This way, a full metaverse should be created in the next few months, which you can populate with your Aavegotchis.

Aavegotchi – Step by step guide on how to play

1. Create a Metamask wallet

To use Aavegotchi, you need an ETH address. It is recommended to install the Metamask extension for Chrome . Open the extension and use it to create a wallet. First, you must create a password. You will use it later to open Metamask in your browser. n a secret key will be generated for you. This key allows you to open your wallet (even without your password).

key always consists of a sequence of words. Write them down carefully and make sure you can keep this key in a secret and safe place. In the next step, you will need to confirm these words in the correct order to activate your wallet.

As soon as you have completed this, an ETH address will be generated for you. This is your public address to which you can also send your tokens.

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Here is a tutorial to create a Metamask account: Create metamask account

2. Add polygon in Metmask

Aavegotchi is played on the Polygon Blockchain. To use the Aavegotchi app, you need to teach Metamask to communicate with the polygonal blockchain. By default, only Ethereum is available there. A user defined network can be added to this in Metamask settings.

For everything to work, you need the following information:

Network Name : Matic Mainnet New RPC URL: https://rpc-mainnet.maticvigil.com/ String ID: 137 Currency Symbol (optional) : MATIC Block Explorer URL (optional) : https: // explorer. matic.network /

Polygon Mainnet – Metmask Configuration Instructions

Here is a tutorial to add the Polygon network to metamask and buy Matic.

4.Send Matic to Polygon Network.

For this I leave you this tutorial to do it without paying just commissions, since we will buy Matic and we will pass them to the Polygon network, in this way we save the high commissions of Ethereum.

  • Here is a tutorial to add the Polygon network to metamask and buy Matic.

5. Buy GHST Token

For this we have to go to QuickSwap and look for the GHST token in this Swap.

Once the GHST token is selected we give it to exchange with Matic and that’s it.

6. Connect with Aavegotchi

Now you have some $ MATIC and some $ GHST on the Matic network. Now we are ready to start.

Go to https://aavegotchi.com/ and connect your metamask. Your available GHST will be displayed directly in Aavegotchi:

Now you are ready and you can get started with Aavegotchi right away. first thing you’ll want to do is buy an Aavegotchi.

How do I get an Aavegotchi?

Aavegotchis are summoned from portals. re are 10 Aavegotchis to choose from in each portal. Only one of these can be summoned for use in the game.

Every few months there are events called “Haaunts” in Aavegotchi. At these events, portals can be purchased directly from Aavegotchi with the $ GHST tokens.

n you buy a portal with your $ GHST token and from this portal you summon an Aavegotchi.

First you open your portal and then you have to choose an Aavegotchi on your portal. Now you have to get the appropriate stake (“spirit force”) in order to summon it.

In this example, we conjure up an Aavegotchi that you have to bet on maUni. best thing to do is to get the minimum amount you need from maUni in Quickswap. But you can always bet more than necessary. As soon as you have collected the maUNI, you can add it to the Aavegotchi wallet using the “Entry Participation Amount”. n you can summon the Aavegotchi.

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When done, you are now the owner of an Aavegotchi NFT!

However, these portals are very limited and the demand is high. refore, it will not always be possible for all players to obtain a portal from a Haaunt.

That is why there is the bazaar. Other players in the bazaar can buy and sell portals and aavegotchis.

Aavegotchi Bazaar

We can access the bazaar with the following URL: https://aavegotchi.com/baazaar/ . To obtain an Aavegotchi you can buy closed portals, open portals or directly Aavegotchis:

You can choose different rankings on each menu in the bazaar to narrow down the selection for you. For portals, these are the following options:

In most cases, it will rank the bazaar based on “lowest price.” So you can find the best deals right away.

What portal or what Aavegotchi should I buy?

re are many different approaches to this. To evaluate which is the best portal or Aavegotchi for you, let’s briefly look at the sifates of Aavegotchis and its benefits:

Each Aavegotchi has different characteristics (“traits”), loyalty (“kinship”), experience (“XP”), and a “stake” in various other cryptocurrencies (“spiritual force”).

Almost all of these features can be improved as the game progresses. rarity value of the Aavegotchis (“Rarity Score”) is also determined based on the characteristics.

You can find a good overview of all these parameters for the Aavegotchis on the official wiki at https://wiki.aavegotchi.com/de/traits

Closed portals:

unopened portals differ only in the Haaunt in which they were generated and what token ID they have. When a portal is opened, the aavegotchis it contains are randomly generated. refore, you never know in advance what exactly you will get.

Open portals:

With the portals open, you can already see what sifates the Aavegotchis is equipped with and can therefore ensure that your portal contains an Aavegotchi that meets your requirements when purchasing. If you select an offer from an open portal in the Marketplace, Aavegotchi’s options will be shown to you directly:

In addition to the rarity value of each Aavegotchi in a portal, the required “Spirit Force” is also displayed. rarer an Aavegotchi, the more “Spirit Force” it takes to summon it.

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Aavegotchis that have already been summoned can also be purchased at the bazaar. For this, it is important to also look at the “kinship”, “XP”, which included “Spirit Force”, Aavegotchi’s name, as well as the items in Aavegotchi’s NFT wallet. higher or better these values ​​are, the better the Aavegotchi is worth.

Information on individual parameters:

  • Name : Aavegotchis names are unique.
  • Rarity Score: rarity score is made up of the sifates of Energy, Aggression, Creepy, Brain Size, Eye Shape, and Eye Color.
  • Loyalty (“Kinship”): An interaction with Aavegotchi can be made every 12 hours, increasing loyalty by 1 point. If no interaction takes place in 24 hours, loyalty is reduced by 1 point.
  • Spiritual Strength – the amount of chips wagered for the Aavegotchi
  • Characteristics (“Traits”): more extreme a property, the rarer it is. further away you are from 50, the more extreme a property is. refore, very high and deep property values are the best. All in all, the sifates make the Aavegotchi a rarity.


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