A Complete Guide to Axie Infinity AXIES

A Complete Guide to Axie Infinity’s Axies: Explanations of Stats, Classes, Body Parts, and Abilities.

re is a lot to understand about Axies before you start playing. We will try to give you a brief summary of your classes, stats, body parts, and abilities, as it is very important to know when you build your pvp or pvp Axie team. We will go through all these 4 traits one by one and explain their importance to the game.


In Axie Infinity, each Axie has the following attributes that give it power:

  • 1 base class that describes the fundamental affinities and statistics of the Axie
  • 6 body parts that grant bonuses and stats to Axies
  • Up to 22 different abilities that are unlocked and tied with body parts

Unsurprisingly, this creates… a lot of combinations. So let’s dig into that.

Axie Infinity classes

re are 9 different classes in Axie Infinity and they all have different strengths and weaknesses. Think of it as a simplified version of the strengths and weaknesses of Pokémon cards based on their type.

Unlike Pokémon, Axie’s classes are divided into 3 groups:

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Beast Reptile Aquaic Erro Plant Bird Mech Dusk Dawn Class groups in Axie Infinity

Each class group has a +/- 15% bonus / weakness against all classes in another group. Axes with classes in the same group have no +/- bonus when attacking or defending an Axie in the same group.

Does it seem confusing? Let’s do a simple example:

Example 1: Beast Axie vs Reptile vs Aquaic

  • An Axie Beast class has a 15% bonus when attacking or defending against the Axie Reptile class,
  • … But 15% weakness when attacking or defending against the Aquaic Axie class;

Example 2: Bird Axie vs Bug vs Plant

  • An Axie-class bird has a 15% bonus when attacking or defending against an Axie-class insect,
  • … But 15% weakness when attacking or defending against the Plant Axie class

Mech, dusk and dawn classes are considered 3 secret classes that are more rare and valuable. If you have an Axie with one of these classes, save it.

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In addition to his base class, Axies has four stats that describe his fighting abilities:

  • Health – Increases Axies hit points and the amount of damage your Axie can take before being eliminated.
  • Speed ​​- determines the rotation order (highest speed goes first) and reduces the frequency with which your Axie can take a critical hit when defending
  • Ability – adds damage when Axie plays multiple cards (moves) at once – called combo attacks
  • Morale – increases the chance of a critical hit when attacking and makes you go in and make “Last place” rotated more often

Axie class determines the base stats Axie gets. Each Axie receives a total of 140 base stats and is distributed across the four stats.

following table describes the distribution of Axie statistics between classes:

Body parts

Each Axie also has 6 different body parts, which grant bonuses to an Axie depending on the class each part has; each part has a total bonus of 4 (hence 6 parts x 4 bonus stats), for a total of 164 stat points. . distribution to each Axie.

As we just mentioned, each Axie has exactly 6 parts:

  • eyes
  • ears
  • horns
  • mouth
  • back
  • tail

y all affect the distribution of Axie’s total stats (by +4 states each) and each has a class type (6 body parts means a maximum of 6 different body part classes and a minimum of one class type 1); but only 4 of them generate an ability that Axie can use (so it affects move sets) – those 4 are: horns, mouths, backs and tails.

distribution of statistics given by each part by class are:

  • Plant = 3 CV + 1 morale
  • Aqua = 3 speeds + 1 hp
  • Reptile = 3 hp + 1 speed
  • Beast = 3 morale + 1 speed
  • Error = 3 morale + 1 CV
  • Bird = 3 speeds + 1 morale

Skills (also called cards)

As we mentioned, there are 4 body parts that affect the cards each Axie receives, each body part gives 1 card. re are a total of 22 skill cards per Axie class:

  • 6 for horns
  • 6 for the back
  • 6 for the queues
  • 4 for mouths

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6 skill card classes in total with 22 cards each offer 132 unique abilities that Axies can have; 3 other classes that won’t have them yet will probably get them in the future, so there are now a total of 198 different cards.

Each card also has 1 or 0 types of energy consumption per turn. Energy cost is the energy required to use the card. Each turn is charged and the card is used as long as it does not exceed the accumulated energy. You can use more cards on an Axie in a single turn to make energy use tactics important when fighting.

All cards have a different value, as some games are better and more preferred and some are worse and less preferred (you can see the current card levels here). Here are the 22 Beast class moves so you can see what the cards look like and what abilities they give.

So what do you really see when you look at the cards? On the card you can see the part of the body to which the particular card belongs. In the upper left you can see the energy cost (always 1 or 0), below there is an attack power, after that shield and in the lower part the effects that the card gives. Attack power is the damage that Axie does when attacking and the shield is the reduction in damage done by Axie’s opponents attack before you start to lose your hit points.

first thing to know is that Axies gets an additional bonus of 15% (so the maximum possible is 30%) when he uses the card (ability) that is of the same class as Axie (each ability comes from different parts of the body and each body part has its own class – read to the end of the article to understand what that really means).

second thing is that the Mech, Dusk, and Dawn classes don’t have their cards yet (so the same kind of class move) and as such they can’t get the extra 15%, but luckily they can use the cards from him. same group (so Mech can use Beast and Insect cards) to get half a bonus, so a 7.5% bonus for using the same class group moves. y will also receive their own moves in the future, but when and what they will be is unknown.


re is still a lot to know and understand when playing and trading Axies (such as popular versions, rarity and value, reproduction, etc.), but we hope this article clears the confusion in your head about what and where to look and how to choose your Axie for. fight PvP and PvE | Good luck and have fun with the lunacos.

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