140 BGD Play To Earn and NFT News on 7-12-18 / 2021

Welcome to another overview of Blockchain games.

most popular Blockchain Games of the last seven days are:

  • Alien Worlds – More than 500,000 players.
  • Axie Infinity – Over 350,000 Players.
  • Highlands: more than 125,000 players.
  • My Pet Defi – More than 95,000 players.

Before we dive into the news, here are a few words from our sponsor.

CryptoMotors: World’s First Digital Car Maker Powered By Ethereum Blockchain

On July 29, CryptoMotors will launch the Gota GEN1 Neon Roadster, which includes 150 exclusive cars from the NFT Production series with five original colors. Your last drop sold out in a few minutes so you should be quick to get your own Neon Roadster.

NFT cars will be distributed in three lots and will be available for direct purchase in three different currencies on OpenSea. Lot no. 1 launches July 29 at 11:30 a.m. EST, lot no. 2 launches July 30 at 11:30 am EST and batch no. 3 launches July 31 at 11:30 am EST.

Visit the Opensea page // Learn more about CryptoMotors // Follow the downfall of Discord.

Defi from my pet’s roadmap: Play to win soon

My DeFi Pet has revealed the roadmap that includes a new game to earn the toke earned with Quest and Battles, campaign caras, PVP battles, participation rewards, ground integration and more.

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Also, the Gate.io crypto exchange listing My DeFi Pet DPET coin.

Gambling and Borrowing Enjin’s NFT with Drops

Drops has partnered with Enjin to allow everyone to participate in loans against NFT powered by Enjin.

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ENJ’s loot in the catacombs of Kingdom Karnage

catacombs in Kingdom Karnage are officially open, with ENJ-based multiverse NFT loot, guaranteed item and card downloads, exclusive items, and more.

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Axie Infinity’s massive growth continues

Axie Infinity has become the largest Dapp in terms of revenue, doing more than Metamask, Synthetix, MakerDAO, Curve, and Pancakeswap put together.

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Sin City IDO’s NFT hits the Vulcan Forged market

Sin City’s decentralized casino metaverse will launch NFT on Vulcan Forged Marketplace next week.

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Gala Games receives investment from Binance Smart Chain

Gala Games ecosystem received funding from the Binance smart chain’s $ 100 million Acceleration Fund.

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Get rewarded by joining the CropBytes Army program

Crop Bytes, an online agricultural crypto game, has launched the “CropBytes Army Program”, where players and teams can earn rewards by sharing their knowledge about the game.

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StormX enters NFT

Storm X now integrates NFT and uses Chainlink pricing sources to eliminate any central point of tampering or failure.

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Nifty Island: Bring Your Assets Into Game

Nifty Island offers a free island for everyone and its price depends on social factors such as the number of users who want to visit the island and the level of visitor participation. Also, Nifty Island allows you to bring your assets from other games and worlds.

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Playcheck Games, a spin-off of Altitude Games

Playcheck games are created by Altitude Games as a separate blockchain game studio.

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Aavegotchi auctions

Aavegotchi’s bid was held to win the auction

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Xaya’s New Litepaper

Take a look at the decentralized gaming blockchain’s new lightweight role, Xaya.

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New MyCryptoHeroes roadmap.

MCH released a presentation a few minutes ago showing the updated roadmap for this year.

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